Traditional Thaï massage focuses on the whole body. It uses the lines of energies, which are intimately linked to the body by pressures and stretching, this massage gets you back in shape.

The massage with essential oils is highly practiced and appreciated for its relaxing virtues. It is made with aromatic essential oils and consists of deep pressures and fluid movements.

The massage with plants comes from the herbal sauna; it works in addition to the Thaï massage. Medicinal herbs, steamed in pouches are applied to the body.

Foot massage is an art coming from Chinese medicine. Practiced for several millennia, it is a beneficial treatment for the whole body.


Price list

1h00: 70,00 €

1h30: 90,00 €

2h00: 120,00 €

1h00: 70,00 €

1h30: 90,00 €

2h00: 120,00 €

1h30: 100,00 €

2h00: 120,00 €

0h45: 45,00 €

1h00: 50,00 €



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